• Skin is the largest organ in the horse's body, its the protective wrap around layer that protects all of the other organs, muscles and tissues from the external environment. Apart from trauma, common skin conditions can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergies, nutritional deficiencies and stress. A skin condition can sometimes indicate that the horse's overall immune system is depressed or compromised. itchEASE is a blend of powdered herbs, with nutrients to support healthy skin and hair growth.
    • Burdock - used for chronic skin conditions, particularly where there is dry, scaly skin. As an alterative herb it helps restore the body back to balance.

      Sarsparilla - used for atopic dermatitis, and chronic inflammatory skin conditions. As an alterative it helps bring the body back to balance.

      Cleavers - useful for skin conditions and as a tonic for the lymphatic system.

      Nettle - used for strengthening the whole body. Nutrients needed for shiny hair.

      Chamomile - helps relieve stress, has anti-allergy and anti-microbial properties. Assists wound healing - helpful when persistent scratching has broken the skin.

      Ginger - a warming herb that is good for blood circulation to the periphery.

    • A scoop is provided in the pack.
      Horses: 4 level scoops (40g) mixed with feed. If feeding morning and night, split the dose into the two feeds.
      Ponies: 2 level scoops (20g) mixed with feed. If feeding morning and night, split the dose into the two feeds.

      For foals, miniatures and small ponies please download our 'Supplementation Guide for Ponies and Miniatures'

    • itchease"After 3 days on your itchEASE my Friesian WB Llewella has not scratched once today. We've shredded rugs, taken off hunks of skin and flesh, ended up bleeding. Today she is head down bum up, grazing and relaxed....I know I posted a few days ago, but words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I'm so overjoyed, I couldn't imagine having  hours in a row rug free for Llewella, let alone two days. I've been crying today, I'm so happy and more importantly so is Llew". Linda S, WA.