• eQuus Care Nutrition Omega 3 is a stabilised dry source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).
      - Maintain joint flexibility
      - Antioxident
      - Promote healthy hooves
      - Promote a healthy, glossy coat
      - Maintain hormonal balance
      - Maintain a healthy heart and good circulation
       Omega 3 is highly unstable: it is destroyed in hay making; it is destroyed in the process that stabilises most commercially available vegetable oils; and fresh sources, such as ground flax seed, quickly oxidise and go rancid. eQuus Care Nutrition's Omega-3 is an easy to use, easy to store dry product: the essential fatty acid is encapsulated by a protective starch coating. This coating allows for the easy release of fatty acid in the digestive system, but protects it from oxidation and moisture.

    • Fatty Acid Profile:
      C14:0 - C18:1 20%
      C20:1 - 2.9%
      C22:1 - 3.1%
      C18-2 - 2.25%
      C18:3 - 0.75%
      C20:5 - 3.0%
      C22:5 - 1.2%
      C22:6 - 3.25%
    •  Horses 2 scoops per day (30g)
      Ponies 1 scoop per day (15g)
      Breeding Stallions 4 scoops per day (60g)
      Broodmares 4 scoops per day (60g) from 10 days pre-foaling to 52 days postpartum, or for whole lactation period until weaning.
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    •  Omega-3

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