Immune Support

    • Is your horse suffering from one or more of the 3 BIG HITS to his immune system? Stress, nutrition and age. If a horse is young or very old, if they are not receiving adequate levels of nutrition, or when they are under stress, their immune system may fail to protect them effectively, increasing the risk of disease and infection.
       Help keep your horse's Immune System fighting fit with all the nutrients that are essential for his immune system to function optimally.
      In stressed animals there can be an increase in steroid production which tends to suppress the immune system. Weaning, the environment, traveling, competitions, separation anxiety or herd dynamics can all be forms of mental stress. Hard work, physical injury or stallion breeding overload can all be forms of physical stress. It's no surprise then that a performance horse traveling for many hours to a big competition, stabled in a strange environment, competes for three days then picks up that persistent cough that is going around. Other conditions such as Cushing's disease also suppress the immune system.
    • GLUTAMINE: blood levels of glutamine drop in exercising horses. Low availability of glutamine can severely compromise the function of the immune system cells. Glutamine is needed to: Regulate T cell proliferation, cytokine production and cytokine sensitivity. Regulate B cell antibody production and secretion. Influence the number of activated killer cells. Support macrophage activity. Provide an energy source for immune system cells.

      The other nutrients in IMMUNE SUPPORT are needed for antioxidant enzyme systems that are the body's first line of defence against free radical damage. SELENIUM, METHIONINE and GLUTAMINE are needed for Glutathione Peroxidase, a crucial antioxidant system for all tissues, including the intestinal tract.

      COPPER & ZINC: needed for the antioxidant enzyme Superoxide Dismutase.

      METHIONINE: needed for the antioxidant acetyl-L-carnitine and for Peroxiredoxins.

      VITAMIN E: an antioxidant needed to protect muscle tissue from free radical damage.

      L-CARNITINE: needed for the antioxidant acetyl-L-carnitine. Carnitine can help with insulin sensitivity.

       Supplementary L-Carnitine has beneficial effects in exercising horses with increased muscle adaptation to exercise.


    • 1 scoop (30g) per day for a 500kg horse. Adjust amount given based on the weight of the horse or pony.

      For foals, miniatures and small ponies please download our 'Supplementation Guide for Ponies and Miniatures'

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