Laminitis Support

    • Laminitis is an extremely painful condition and the second most common cause of premature death in horses (through euthanasia). However, with expert care, horses and ponies can recover. Correct nutrition plays a crucial part in this process, and a restricted diet is commonly required. However, it is vital that crucial nutrients that the body needs to repair hoof tissue are provided. Hoof Support provides the key vitamins, minerals and proteins needed to aid recovery.

      Devil's Claw is Nature's pain relief and has been used for centuriesfor it's anti-inflammatory properties. In trials in horses Devil's Claw has been found to be as effective as Bute. Improve quality of life while your horse or pony is recovering from laminitis.

    • 100% pure Devil's Claw root powder.
      Devil's ClasThe Devil's Claw plant (Harpagophytum procumbens) is a native of South Africa, used for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The active ingredient of Devil's Claw is harpagoside, found in the roots and tubers. Its effectiveness has been found to be comparable with that of cortisone and phenylbutazone. Animal studies suggest that Devil's Claw can help fight inflammation, whilst human trials have seen a reduction in pain, and improved function in people suffering with osteoarthritis and back and neck pain.

      Hoof Support: BIOTIN - has been shown to improve hoof quality in a certain percentage of horses with shelly, brittle feet.

      PYRIDOXINE - used to synthesise protein into keratin, the major structural component of the hoof.

      NIACIN - needed in the body for protein metabolism, important for hoof growth as the hoof wall is over 90% protein.

      THIAMINE - a B vitamin which contains sulphur.

      SULPHUR -necessary to form strong hooves. Sources of bio available, organic sulphur in HOOF SUPPORT include MSM, methionine, biotin and thiamine.

      ZINC - present in high concentration in normal hoof tissue, with an important anti oxidant role in protecting hoof tissue.

      COPPER - essential to good health, with an important anti oxidant role in protecting hoof tissue.

      METHIONINE, LYSINE, THREONINE - essential amino acids:
      the building blocks of the body and the hoof.

    • Devil's Claw: 10-20g per day. Do not give to pregnant mares, or horses with suspected stomach ulcers.
      Hoof Support: a level 20g scoop treats a 500kg horse. Mix into dampened feed. Adjust amount given based on the weight of the horse or pony.For foals, miniatures and small ponies please download our 'Supplementation Guide for Ponies and Miniatures'
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