thrusheze horse thrush treatment Developed by an Equine Podiotherapist who had tried every remedy for thrush under the sun, but to no avail.
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"A really good feature of this product is how quickly you can get around a lot of horses - really easy to apply, no fess, no fuss, no smell and best of all no soaking!" Belinda, NSW.


Thrush is a common disease of the hoof. STOP it in its tracks before it makes your horse sore.

ThrushEze is an easy to use absorbtive powder that is safe to use and effective on thrush - even on already wet and waterlogged feet.

  Frog with thrush in the colateral grooves and central sulcus. Frog was beginning to degenerate.
  Before and after treatment with ThrushEze.


Directions for Use:

What is Thrush?

Thrush is a disease of the foot that usually occurs within the frog, the colateral grooves and central sulcus. The disease is characterized by a very soft frog and sulci. When the frog is picked out, a thick, black discharge is present that is easily removed from the sulci - and it REALLY smells!

The disease is thought to be caused by a bacterium. If left unchecked, the disease can extend into the sensitive tissue of the frog and make horses quite sore. They might flinch as you clean the sulci. Thrush can progress to a severe lameness that can be seen at a walk--much like a hoof abscess. The infection in general leads to degeneration of the frog.