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Recommended dose size 143g/horse within one hour after exercise.
Maltodextrin 112g
Leucine 20g
Creatine 10g
Thiamine 100mg
Pyridoxine 100mg
Biotin 10mg
Folic Acid 10mg
Chromium 2mg


R&R Recover Repair

Give your performance horse everything he needs to recover from, and adapt to hard workouts and competitions.

DID YOU KNOW....? That unless muscle energy stores are replaced within the first hour after exercise, it can take up to THREE DAYS to fully replenish the energy used?




Used straight after a hard workout or competition R&R Recover Repair replenishes energy stores in muscle cells and provides the nutrients the body needs to repair and build muscle tissue.

Get your horse quickly on the road to recovery!

Do you have a horse in training/starting training that is failing to put on muscle and getting sore after workouts?

R&R Recover Repair will give him the nutrients and energy he needs to adapt to training and start building strength and muscle.

Use after each workout for best results until adaptation is reached, then use after particularly hard workouts or competitions for maximum recovery.