Here's how R&R Recover Repair gets your horse quickly on the path to recovery after a hard training session or competition:

MALTODEXTRIN - Maltodextrin is an easily absorbed source of glucose molecules which is quickly converted into glycogen. Ideal for use in the first hour after exercise when muscle is most ‘hungry’ for glycogen to replenish cellular stores. Research has found that unless the horse is given easily digestible sources of carbohydrate quickly after heavy exercise to replenish glycogen stores, it can take up to 3 days to completely replenish glycogen lost during heavy exercise.

LEUCINE – is the essential amino acid needed for skeletal muscle tissue. Leucine is also used by the body to generate energy for exercise, but muscle protein building will not occur until and unless cellular leucine is returned to a normal level. R&R Recover Repair replenishes leucine levels, giving the body the amno acid building blocks to repair micor-muscle damage caused by exercise. When not exercising, generous levels of leucine available to muscle tissue will favour protein synthesis

CREATINE – helps improve muscle function and is best supplemented immediately after exercise, when muscle levels are lowest and demand for creatine is likely to be at its highest.

THIAMINE, BIOTIN, PYRIDOXINE & FOLIC ACID – are all B vitamins needed for energy generation, carbohydrate and protein metabolism and synthesis. Studies have found that folic acid levels can drop dramatically in horses in heavy training.

CHROMIUM is a trace mineral that can help build lean muscle mass, control blood sugar, encourage glycogen storage.