Moody Mare is a blend of herbs to help support hormonal regulation
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Performance horse? Get the benefits of Chastetree Berry and Dong Quai without the Chamomile.

Moody Mare

It's Spring: the sun is shining, the grass is growing and your mare has turned into a fire-breathing dragon. Changes in a mare's behaviour during her oestrus cycle are very common:

  • tail swishing, squealing
  • aggression, kicking, biting
  • poor performance, easily distracted, unwilling to work
  • sensitive to pain, sensitive to being touched / tacked up
  • excessive flirting
  • repeated urination





The ovarian hormones can have a significant impact on a mare’s mood, level ofarousal, sensitivity to pain and cognition. The two main hormones involved are oestrogen and progesterone. The levels of each vary, as a mare goes through her normal oestrous cycle. As a mare comes into season the progesterone levels are suppressed and the oestrogen levels rise and the opposite is true when she is not is season. This cycle lasts approximately 21 days, and a mare is in oestrous (season) on average for 5 days. There are 7 frisky months with cycles and 5 quiet months with no cycles. Moody Mare can help soothe the behaviour exhibited during the peaks and troughs of the oestrus cycle:

Ingredients (click on each to find out more):

Chastetree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus) has the effect of stimulating and normalizing pituitary gland functions, especially its progesterone function.The greatest use of Chasteberry lies in normalizing the activity of female sex hormones and it is thus ideal for premenstrual stress.

Dong Quaiis a traditional Chinese herb which helps balance oestrogen levels, is high in vitamins and minerals, works as an antispasmodic and helps calm the nervous system.

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is probably the most widely used relaxing nervine herb in the western world. It relaxes and tones the nervous system; as an anti-spasmodic herb, it works on the peripheral nerves and muscles, and so it indirectly relaxes the whole body.

Ingredients per dose: Chastetree Berry 50%, Dong Quai 33%, Chamomile 17%.