Devil's Claw

devil's Claw horse supplement

PAIN RELIEF for YOUR HORSE for only $1 a DAY

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IS YOUR HORSE IN PAIN? Lameness? Arthritis? Laminitis? Sore back? Stiff joints? Sore muscles?

Devil's Claw is Nature's ANALGESIC, and has been used for centuries for its ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, PAIN RELIEVING properties.

Unlike conventional medicines, such as Phenylbutazone which can be only given for short periods of time due to adverse side effects, DEVIL'S CLAW can be given for the longer term, providing much needed pain relief, particularly for horses with chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

Providing relief from pain will give your horse a better quality of life, and will give you peace of mind.

Devil's Claw is ideal for the older horse, relieving pain from conditions such as arthritis and improving quality of life.







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