Case Study: itchEASE

Llewella's Story

  Gosh I dare not get too excited, but after 3 days on your ItchEASE my Friesian WB Llewella has not scratched once today. This is the first day in 12 months she hasn't scratched at least a few times. We've shredded rugs, taken off hunks of skin and flesh, ended up bleeding. Today she is head down bum up grazing relaxed. I'm praying that we may have turned a corner, finally. This photo is what her face looked like 6 months ago. I've been working hard and got her looking so much better, but the itch was still persistent, still there every day. I'll keep you posted. Linda S, WA.
  I know I posted a few days ago, but words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I'm so overjoyed, I couldn't imagine having 2 hours in a row rug free for Llewella, let alone two days. I've been crying today, I'm so happy and more importantly so is Llew, and relaxed for the first time in over 12 months.
  I need to share a few photos of Llewella with you. Day 6 on ItchEASE it's a warm day, which is usually when the itch is worst, and here's Llewella my Friesian WB, grazing peacefully and relaxed in the herd. RUG FREE and surrounded by good scratching trees, so far only the occasional tree rub, not much more than the other horses at this hair shedding time of year. Overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness is an understatement. Just hoping it continues.
  Llewella, look how relaxed she is with ItchEASE we are over the moon.