CASE STUDY: Harrison, 20 year old, Throughbred gelding.
horse jumping

Far from being retired and moping in a paddock, Harry is still in active work, full of life, and needs feet that ensure he can carry on doing what he loves best!

Harry pictured here with owner, powering around a Showjump Derby course.

horse hoof Hoof before supplementation.
horse hoof After 2 months. The supplemented new growth is clearly better quality than that below.
horse hoof Close up of 2 month hoof. The old growth is quite coarse with a myriad of micro cracks. The supplemented growth above is tightly connected and smooth.
horse hoof By 4 months, nearly half the hoof capsule is supplemented growth: shiny, smooth and tightly connected. The large crack which in a weaker hoof would have continued to spread upwards has been stopped in its tracks by the supplemented hoof.
horse hoof At 9 months we almost have a completely new hoof capsule: smooth, tightly connected and shiny with health. A very different looking hoof to the 'before' picture above!
It takes time to build a good hoof. On average it takes 9-12 months to completely replace the hoof capsule. As this case study clearly demonstrates, for the best possible results, long term consistent supplementation provides the best results.