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Black Healer

Seedy toe not going away? Use Black Healer on resected seedy toe.

horse hoof with seedy toe


Black Healer is so effective at getting seedy toe under control because it delivers oxidising agents right to the source of the problem.

Direction for Use:

  • For use on resected seedy toe only, do not apply to sensitive tissue.
  • Where possible fully resect infected area first. This should only be carried out by a professional hoof care practitioner or veterinarian.
  • Apply Black Healer after cleaning resection site until affected area has grown out.
  • Active constituent KMn04.




What is seedy toe?

seedy toe in horse hoofSeedy toe is a condition in which the unpigmented inner hoof wall is invaded by micro-organisms, often a combination of fungi and anaerobic (oxygen-hating) bacteria, that feed upon and destroy the keratin of the hoof wall. Seedy toe damages the integrity of the hoof wall, and there is often a vertical crack in the outer hoof wall that runs in tandem with the destruction of the inner hoof wall.

Just a bit of seedy toe? Ignore at your peril...coffin bones of horses

Seedy toe should never be ignored, once the infection has really taken hold it can have far reaching consequences:

  • It can cause abscesses, leading to lameness.
  • If the vertical crack reaches the coronary band this can become a permanent weakness.
  • It can leave scar tissue in the dermal laminae which becomes a permanent weakness.
  • The pathogens can even invade the dermal layer and ultimately affect the coffin bone, leading to bone infection, bone erosion and predisposition to fractures. (Image above shows normal coffin bone on left, and coffin bone eroded by infection on right).
  • In extreme cases of infection, euthanasia may be the end result.