If your horse is prone to thrush, get some ThrushEze now.


Developed for the treatment and control of thrush in the equine foot, ThrushEze produces fantastic results with no carcinogenic chemicals like formalin. It works very well for feet that are constantly in a wet environment (rain, dew on grass etc), or horses with deep seated thrush in the central sulcus of the frog.



Laminitis Recovery

If your horse is prone to laminitis, get this double pack now. Devil's Claw will help ease pain and inflammation, whilst Hoof Support will provide all the essential nutrients the body needs to build and repair hoof tissue.

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Omega 3

Whilst abundant in fresh pasture, once your horse is on hay and hard feed he could well be missing out on these essential fatty acids. Omega3s are anti inflammatory, balancing out pro inflammatory Omega6s. Not only are Omega3s great for a shiny coat and healthy hooves, they are also needed for joint health, the cardio vascular system - even brain function. Supplement this no mess, no fuss dry powder throughout autumn and winter for optimum health.

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Immune Support

Keep your horse's immune system in tip-top form as the temperature drops and the nights get longer. Packed full of nutrients to support the cells that fight off invading pathogens, Immune Support also supports anti-oxident enzymes that fight against free radical damage.

Get it before your horse gets sick.